Certificate Business worth R58,000 For Sale, NO MORE $499 - Be your OWN Boss!
We are sharing our secrets. We are selling our complete business as a single, complete package so YOU can make certificates and Money! No more Scammers. No more Losing Money. No more Struggling. Make your OWN Certificates. Make your OWN Money. Make your OWN Price. All you need is a Computer and a Printer.

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NO MORE $399

When you buy our 'Business Start-Up Pack' you will be able to start running your OWN business just like we are doing now, only straight away. Yes, we took years to build our business but you can start the SAME DAY!!

Why are we selling our business? - We believe that we should give back to you guys so that everyone can make money as well. Let's ALL eat TOGETHER.
NO MORE $299 - NOW ONLY $140 (approx. R2400)

Payment Option 1 - Credit Card, Payment App, or Bank Account
(You will be buying bitcoin and paying that into our account)
1 - Remember the USD amount $140.
2 - Copy our Bitcoin Account (Wallet) Number ->    
3 - Complete your payment by clicking HERE and you will be directed to our payment site where you will paste the Bitcoin Wallet Number and Dollar Amount.

Payment Option 2 - Payment can be made to 0825142381 using any of the following:
- At any PEP STORES (or using the ABSA app from your phone)
- i-Mali (using the Nedbank app from your phone)
- At any SPAR (or using the Standard Bank app from your phone)
- Capitec Cash Send (using the Capitec app from your phone)
- TymeBank SendMoney (using the TymeBank app from your phone)
- Ackermans Cash Send at any Ackermans

After payment please notify us with proof using one of the folling methods:
Email -
Email -
Website -
WhatsApp - 0825142381

*NOTICE* - Anyone caught copying, or using our trademarked/copyrighted text and/or images without permission will be reported to their billing company, their hosting company, and any other related companies for account closure. We will also follow up with a copyright infringement lawsuit in accordance with The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).