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Fake Matric And Certificate chooses honesty over deception. If we can’t print the product you ordered, we’ll notify you. Please note that all the different certificates, diplomas, degrees, and other products sold by us are meant to be used as novelty items and not for any illegal purposes.

Our documents are made within 24 hours and delivered to you privately. Our products are extremely realistic and professional. has been in business since 2010 and we are the world’s safest and most reliable fake certificate online store, we guarantee you the best results always!

Why Choose

  • We have been in business since 2015! That’s longer than anyone else in our industry.
  • Our products look so real that it will fool ANYONE!
  • We allow you to view a free sample before you order.
  • After you order we can email you a “proof” of what your product will look like so you can make sure it is to your satisfaction – No-one else does this!
  • You can track your package’s delivery via 3 different couriers and know when it will be delivered. We use PostNet, Aramax, and DHL
  • We guarantee our products and services and you will get what you order in a timely manner and with the highest quality.
  • We work hard for you, the client, to deliver the absolute best product that you can find.

How Does This Work?

Step 1 – Find what you are looking for in the shop. If you don’t find what you are looking for then ask for it in the ‘COMMENTS’ field and fill in all your details.
Step 2We email you a sample which you check for errors before paying.
Step 3 – You pay using BITCOIN or CREDIT/DEBIT CARD (South Africans can also use PEP, SPAR, i-Mali, e-Wallet, NedBank, Absa, Ackermans, or Capitec where you will create a pin number and receive a till slip).
Step 4 – Send us proof of payment.
Step 5 – We courier the document(s) to you and/or email you a soft (digital) copy. We also email you the tracking number so you can trace it.

To make fake diplomas and fake certificates, we replicate actual school and university designs with your name, the name of the school, graduation date, degree and other details. There are very slight differences to prevent legal action but these are hardly noticeable. Please note that all the different products and items sold by us are meant to be used as novelty items and not for any illegal purposes. (The words ‘sample’, ‘fake’ or ‘phony’ do not appear on the finished product)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you use real signatures? – Fake Matric And Certificate does not reproduce original administrators’ signatures or print their names. Instead, we keep the original “titles” and substitute a house-design realistic signature. Signature forgery is a crime. We won’t do it under any circumstance.

How long will it take? – Once proof of payment is received, the document is couriered it to you which usually takes around 3 to 7 days depending on your area and unless you have specified and paid for a faster shipping option.

Are fake diplomas illegal? – Fake Matric And Certificate makes fake diplomas and fake certificates for novelty use only. If you intend to use them in any other way you could be stepping over legal boundaries. We NEVER forge any real person’s name, we use a selection of in-house names that look like real signatures. An example would be like for the movies.

Will my fake diploma look real? – At our diplomas and certificates look very realistic. Just show it to someone and you will see!